I stumbled across this article a couple days ago and since then have waffled back and forth on that parental dilemma I think we all wrestle with so much: the struggle of protecting your kids versus personal space/trust. My mom sometimes gripes what a pain it is to have to deal with car seats for my kids now, “back when we were kids we didn’t even have seat belts, and when you were kids, a seat belt was good enough, and we all survived” she’ll mumble. And she’s right, but now that we have car seats, which keeps kids safer, why wouldn’t we use them?

That’s just a minor example to the greater question, what’s that line between being overly protective? We were granted so much more independence when we were growing up (mainly because the technology wasn’t there), why shouldn’t we extend that to our kids? That though leads into our worst fear if something were to happen to one of our kids that we could have prevented! Ultimately I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article attached, because it feels so invasive in the lives of a teenager, but again, it begs the question if you can better protect your kids, why wouldn’t you?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article and what is that line you draw between too much and not enough…

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