Sexual assault is a reality for one in three women, and often those who have been abused ask ‘is it my fault?’  Thankfully for victims of domestic violence, there is transformation through the biblical message of grace and redemption.  Pastor and professor Justin Holcomb returns to Connecting Faith to encourage, equip and extend grace to those facing this heartache and discuss his new book Is It My Fault?

Abuse takes many different forms. Justin emphasizes that we ought to have a broader definition of domestic abuse that recognizes there is more than just a physical component.

Justin offers advice on knowing whether abuse is taking place in a relationship. What types of behavior, words, or interaction are occurring in the situation? How do you feel when you are around the person? Do they make you feel cared for & loved?

We live in a victim-blaming society. There’s often an underlying assumption that it’s our fault. Remember, if you are experiencing abuse, there is nothing you could have done to deserve that abuse.

Women experiencing abuse in a relationship that then leave it have a stunning statistical likelihood to return.  There is help for you if you’ve left an abusive relationship and feel as though you’re going it alone. You are not alone! Justin talks about the shelters that work with those escaping abuse. The goal of shelters is providing physical & emotional safety as well as offering hope and a way out of the suffering.

How can we help, support and give those in abusive relationships? Justin says that expressing your concern, worry and belief in your loved one can be a key way to let them know they’re loved when walking this road. It is essential that they have a team of people there to serve them. 

Highlight: How to help

God is grieving for you if you’re experiencing abuse. He is also angry for you that you are suffering. He wants your safety, spiritual & emotional. Truthfully, God cares about your abusive situation more than anyone else and He is the One who can bring the ultimate hope and healing into your life.

Redemption for victims

You can learn more about Justin’s ministry on his website and via his author archive at The Gospel Coalition.

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