Sometimes we’re hit by such heartache, trial, or discouragement, that it takes the wind right out of us. When we encounter disappointment, God’s promises are still true. Listen as Susie welcomes author and life coach Holley Gerth back to the program to talk about how to trust God’s promises in hard times. Holley’s book is You’re Going to Be Okay.

So what happens when we’ve been knocked over by life? Holley offers a few steps in the coping process.

• Give yourself permission to not be okay – we’re not called to hold everything together as Christians; we’re called to hold to Jesus and our faith in Him when everything is coming apart.

• Ask, what am I here on earth to do? How can I make time for that right now?

Holley shares her own struggle with infertility for close to ten years. Every month that would pass was a new level of pain and sadness, but she sought God’s face and refused to let that struggle define her. In her words, “Your life’s obstacles are temporary. Who you are is eternal.”

Philip Yancey agrees – our sufferings are temporary. He joins Susie to talk about God’s presence in hard times.

Philip describes his own suffering, losing his father to polio at the age of one. Despite the fervent prayers and support of his friends and church family, Philip’s father died. How did he cope with his pain? In his words,

“If you feel grief or outrage at suffering, you’re in good company. You can only imagine how God feels. God is on the side of the sufferer.”

Philip was invited to speak to the community of Sandy Hook after the devastating school shooting. “I do believe I could stand before those parents and say, ‘Your child is safe in the arms of God right now.'” We do have something solid to offer a world that is groaning and in pain.

Key Scriptures: John 16:33; Psalm 121

Theme Song: Desert Song by Hillsong

Highlight : Responding to trying circumstances

Am I really going to be okay?

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