Do you struggle to understand certain passages and ideas in the Bible?

Listen as Susie welcomes back author and Bible scholar Ron Rhodes to talk about how to read and apply the Word to our lives. Ron’s books include The Big Book of Bible Answers and The End Times in Chronological Order. He shares a basic structure for understanding and applying the Bible to our daily lives and gaining a deeper love for its direction.

Ron and Susie explore several topics in Scripture this hour:

• Who will be in heaven?

• Why do different denominations disagree on how to interpret the Bible? “The denominations of Christianity have widespread agreement on the essentials of the Christianity but have different opinions on the peripheries. Unity in the essentials and charity on the non-essentials. Rejoice in the fact that you agree on the big picture.”

• The Trinity

• Predestination. “I would exhort you to cut your brothers and sisters some slack if you hold one or the other position. Ephesians and Colossians tell us that election glorifies God. It shows God’s love and glorifies God in the end. There is a certain comfort you can have in knowing that God is in sovereign control.”

• The role of fear in the Gospel message. “It’s all rooted in God’s love but you can’t leave out the other side of the equation. One of the motivations is the reality that we will one day be accountable to God for how we lived. There’s no getting around it. Fear is not the primary thing in the Gospel, but how can you have love without the recognition of the horror that we’ve been delivered from?”

• The great white throne judgment vs. the judgment seat of Christ

Key Scriptures: Psalm 1:1-2; Romans 8; Proverbs 6:16

Theme Song: Mighty is the Power of the Cross by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : Handling denominational differences

How to read the Bible

Susie shared her takeaway’s from this show!

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