How can we prepare teens to succeed in higher education?

Dr. Alex Chediak believes success comes for those with character, a strong faith, and a willingness to delay gratification. Listen as we learn life lessons—no matter what our education level— as Alex Chediak discusses his latest book, Preparing Your Teens for College: Faith, Friends, Finances, And Much More.

Alex paints a picture of the current education culture  that is less than ideal- 44% of those who start at a 4-year college don’t finish their degree in five years. However, those who graduate with a college degree have a lower unemployment rate than those who enter the career field without a college degree. Should you start talking with your children about it? Not every teen needs to consider college – but here are a few things to keep in mind if your teen is looking at higher education:

  • Help your teen cultivate strong study habits
  • Encourage them to take initiative
  • Teach them the importance of delayed gratification
  • Encourage a teen to choose friends wisely
  • Pray for God to lead them, and use your wisdom, to guide them to a school and a degree that’s a good fit for them
  • Talk with your spouse and agree on a game plan – be “of one mind” when choosing how to mentor and prepare your teen

Alex says, help teens to see that “more freedom means more responsibility, and with that comes more accountability.” This can be a touchy subject in families, but be clear with your children that you are for them and their success in life.

If you’re in the Twin Cities, there’s an upcoming event next month featuring Alex and his tips for college prep. If you register before April 1, you receive a free copy of Preparing Your Teens for College.

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College Prep

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