David Bryant is a past president of the National Prayer Committee, and Concerts of Prayer International. He now directs Proclaim Hope—a ministry rooted in prayer to awaken the church through a fresh passion for Christ and His supremacy. We celebrate the National Day of Prayer with a call to pray and to proclaim hope because of who Jesus is and all that He wants to accomplish through His people.

What is the value of corporate prayer?

The Day of Prayer was originally declared for the whole nation to feel united in prayer. The theme for this year’s event is Romans 15:6,

“So that with one heart and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Despite our culture’s individualism, most of the prayers in Scripture “had a corporate purpose” and were read by several believers at once. David shares that his own personal prayer life grows best when he has the chance to partner and struggle in prayer with fellow Christians.

What is the difference between a weak prayer or a bold prayer? The key, as David points out, is whether or not we use the Word of God when we pray. By studying the prayer of the early church in Acts 4, we see that they prayed in bold faith and the Holy Spirit answered them. David recommends four steps – Focus, fulfillment, fullness, fervency. Pray that we might focus on Him, that His prophecies and promises would come to pass, that we would know His fullness of joy and life in our lives, and that we would be bold and fervent in our prayers.

How to pray on this day:

•  That Jesus would increase His influence in the life of His people.
•  That repentance would come.
•  That blind eyes would be opened to see God’s glory in Christ.
•  That God would lead our political leaders.
•  That God’s larger purpose would be fulfilled in the region, nation, and world.

Highlight – Prayer for America

Prayer for America

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