Is it worth it to gain the whole world but almost lose your soul? Today Susie talks with New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury. She’s written a novel about the temptations of fame and fortune, and we spend some time talking about how to serve Christ while in the public eye.

In Karen’s latest novel, the main character enters an “American Idol”-like singing competition, gets a taste of fame, and eventually compromises many of his faith standards to fit the image of the judges and the people around him. Listen as Karen and Susie unpack several aspects of Fifteen Minutes:

  • The importance of knowing our identity in Christ
  • How to balance humility with confidence in our gifting
  • Warning signs
    •   Neglecting time in the Word
    •   Doing things that are out of character for us
    •   Having our joy come from gaining Twitter followers or Facebook fans
    •   Feeling irritation when we are overlooked or not given proper credit
    •   Losing touch with Christian friends
    •   Losing a spirit of gratitude – In Karen’s words, “Be thankful in the little things.”

How does Karen cope with fame while staying focused on her calling? She surrounds herself with people who keep her grounded, and spends regular time in the Word. If God is calling you to a public life and platform, Karen has important words for you. Persevere through rejection. Develop a thick skin while keeping a soft, humble heart. Keep your priorities clear in your mind and be aware that the moral slide is a slow, gradual descent. As God expands a person’s influence, the storms, snares, and opportunities for compromise increase, but building our life on the Rock will lessens their effects.

Key Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11; Galatians 1:10; Daniel 4:37

Theme Song: Live Like That by Sidewalk Prophets

Highlight : Fifteen minutes

Novel talk: Fifteen minutes

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