Being a mom brings unique challenges, and concerned parents know it’s easy to become fearful for your children’s health, safety, and future.

Sherry Surratt is the CEO of MOPS, International. She helps us face and overcome our fears with practical advice, encouragement, and biblical insight for moms as we dive into Sherry’s new book  .

It can be easy for a mom to reflect on the challenges that come with raising a child and decide she’s not enough. Sherry says that worry is the number one concern for mothers. Number two is the concern for their childrens” safety. As to the latter, we do need to do our research and do what we can to keep our family safe. Yet it crosses a line when we start losing sleep or making ourselves sick with worry.

“97% of what we worry about never happens.” – Sherry

So what is the MOPS organization all about? Sherry explains the mission and outreach of the group.

With the pressures of being a mom today, it can be easy to look to others that you feel are doing a better job in the role and become discouraged.

“Don’t ‘do mom’ alone. The job of mom is incredibly important!”

Moms need the connection and support of other reasonable voices and their insight on what it means to be a good mom. Friendships are one of the biggest needs, especially for young moms.

You can be blessed and be a blessing by looking around you and reaching out to moms who have similar interests and experiences.

Sherry says that she used to describe herself as a professional worrier. While she believes there’s a natural inclination toward worry in moms, she also notes that husbands can offer a helpful adjustment to our level of concern over a given situation.

When her daughter started approaching new and unknown situations with trepidation, Sherry decided it was time to change the way she was sending her kids out the door each day. She explains what that experience taught her about worry and boldness.

Highlight: Be careful

Parenting without fear

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