Barbara Cofer Stoefen’s picturesque life was turned upside down when her daughter fell victim to a meth addiction. She tells her riveting story in the new book  .

We dig deeper into Barbara’s struggle to save her daughter, her rage at God and the transformation both she and her daughter experienced.  

•  When Barbara discovered what her daughter was dealing with and how struck she was by the variance between what her family life had become and how she’d envisioned it.

•  The act of recovery is about changing who you are and learning the skills to cope with the situation that has developed.

•  There is a joyous hope in the fact that transformation is possible.

•  When something comes out of your life, something needs to replace it.

•  At the heart of the issue, Barbara’s daughter believed she wasn’t enough as she was.

•  As a Christian, Barbara felt that she would somehow be immune to this kind of thing.

•  Her addiction reached across her life and led to other behaviors as well. There was a sense of entitlement that arrived.

In an attempt to deal with the situation, we hear how Barbara started drawing boundaries she’d never had to previously. It was time to practice tough love. When your child falls prey to addiction, the pain is enormous.

Highlight – Dealing with the pain

Barbara explains that this is a story of resurrection. It’s not just her’s or her daughter’s, it’s the tremendous tale of what God did. In the moment when the rock bottom point was reached and Barbara gave her concerns, cares & pain over to God. Spiritual transformation flowed from that moment.

A Mother’s Journey

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