What if marriage is about more than just staying together?  That is the subtitle of Gary Thomas’s book, , and Jo welcomes the author to dig into this topic. How can we live out a sacred marriage that is honoring to God and fulfills His design for it?

Whether you are contemplating marriage, a newlywed, or you’ve been together for 40 years, this is a discussion offering fresh biblical perspective to you and the love of your life. Here are the directions are conversation takes:

Off the top, Jo explains how her perspective on marriage was shaped by Gary’s observation that:

Marriage wasn’t designed to make you happy. It’s designed to make you holy.

It’s a profound notion, and certainly not what you would pick up from the culture at large!

To grow closer together, we need to learn patience and kindness. Sometimes the learning can hurt. Gary calls us to look at some of those times in the same we view a workout. When we’re exercising, we know there has to be discomfort to accomplish what we set out to do.

One of the most surprising age groups seeing a marked increase in divorce rate is empty nesters. What is behind this troubling trend of “grey divorce”? And what can it teach us?

So what are the expectations we should have for our mate? What does the bible call us to expect?

Gary shares how the realization that his wife was God’s daughter was transformational. He realized that the feelings of love and defensive-ness he had for his own daughter were similar in a way to what God felt for his wife.

A marriage should be a lifelong pursuit of each other. The enemy wants to see marriages fail and be destroyed, but we’re not alone in this. Jesus is the builder and the re-builder.

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Love of a lifetime

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