Author Wendy Blight says we can dive deep into the Word of God, but we also need to live it out. She joins Susie to share about her new book, Living So That. We talk about the challenges of following Christ in a hostile culture, and what it means to daily live out the implications of our faith.

Key verse: Romans 8:28

Theme song: Building 429’s “Press On

Living so that


One Response to "Living so that"

  • Betty M says:

    I made an unpopular stand in love against same sex marriage and homosexuality. I did it in a nonjudgemental tone but tried to convey that God still loves us in our sin but does not love the sin. I had no one take my side with God’s Word and it became a very spirited ugly condemnation of hate towards me.. I lost friends in doing it and I was accused of hate and when I tried to say the truth in love they were the ones spewing words of hate at me. Would I do it again? Yes!!
    If I feel the need to take a stand for my faith and what God’s Word commands and I back down it is a sin as much as the act itself.
    Betty M

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