Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of waiting on God without fully understanding the reasons. Author and pastor Jeff Manion says God has a specific purpose in every season of waiting. He helps us explore the characteristics of The Land Between by exploring Jesus’ last night with His disciples. Listen as we talk about approaching a difficult season and the growth and intimacy with God that can result.

The disciples walked with Jesus for three years. Between His crucifixion and the coming of the Holy Spirit, they each walked through the land between in their own way. Jeff points to Mary Magdalene, a close follower of Jesus who was delivered from seven demons. For her, after following this Man for so long after coming out of a “cultish nightmare,” Sunday morning was not immediately a time of rejoicing but a “swirling vortex of confusion.” Until she knew that Jesus had risen, Mary lived in the land between.

Peter had his own time of living in the land between – he declared his devotion to Jesus, promptly denied Him, and spent the next few days jarred and grieving. Until he was restored by Jesus, Peter lived in the land between.

There are powerful themes in these few days of Jesus’ life. Jeff points out that, in a time of anxiety and tension, Jesus chooses to pray for His followers, and by extension, us. Jesus prays for unity and asks His Father for His disciples to be with Him. In Jeff’s words,

“I want you with me… eternity won’t be the same without you.” Jesus knew His time with His friends was ending – the Roman soldiers would be coming to the garden to arrest and kill Him. What are His final instructions to His friends? “Don’t be afraid. Be unified. Take heart – in your troubles, I’ve overcome, and I’m coming back for you.”

Key Scriptures: John 14:18; John 14-17

Theme Song: Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Highlight : Living in the land between

Living in the land between

2 Responses to "Living in the land between"

  • Susie Larson says:

    Dear Michael,

    God bless you! I pray you enjoy tomorrow’s show with Kay Warren. It was a riveting interview. We’ve had such a wonderful lineup all week. We’re grateful. May God bless you in this life transition! I hope you can continue to listen in on occasion! Bless you!

  • Michael Gundlach says:

    I cant wait for the podcast tomorrow of this episode. We’ve been lead on this wonderful vibrant spiritual journey from Mn to Arizona, to a wonderful church and into neighborhood groups leadership, but sort of hanging to see the next step with my wife’s employment, or ministry, church Secretary, etc. Waiting…in prayer. Btw. We miss KTIS as well. Love you guys.

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