In a culture that requires proof to believe anything, believing in spirits, angels and demons seems foolish. Science and medicine mocks it, Hollywood caricaturizes it. Can we believe in spiritual warfare in this modern age?

Dr. Larry Richards joins Dr. Bill Maier, whose latest book, Spiritual Warfare Jesus’ Way: How to Conquer Evil Spirits and Live Victoriously, teaches us that we cannot ignore the effects of spiritual warfare even now in the western world. Dr. Richards discusses the difference between how spiritual warfare appears in third-world countries and in other places like America, as well as how things like demon possession exist in the western world.

Dr. Richards also discusses how to discern when there is spiritual warfare going on in someone’s life, as well as ways we can deal with demon possession. There are also ways that we can be prepared to face issues of possession and how to help others when we see it occurring in someone else’s life. He also discusses the differences between demon possession and simply sinning, and how to tell which is which. He shows that we are to use the way that Jesus dealt with issues of spiritual warfare as a guideline for how we are to act.

Dr. Bill also discusses the issue of vaccinations. He addresses the kind of problems that happen when you don’t vaccinate your children, and the kinds of dangers that follow from that course of action. He also discusses the epidemic of teenagers texting while walking. Teenagers with electronics have a tendency to be staring down when walking about and risk getting hit by cars as crossing streets due to their lack of attention.

You can hear more about those topics, as well as Dr. Bill’s full interview with Dr. Larry Richards right here.

The invisible war

Highlight – Definition of Spiritual Warfare