Does the idea of sitting quietly with a devotional seem hard for you?
Maybe you connect with God more through worship music, or time outdoors.

On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, Susie talks with author and speaker Gary Thomas about Sacred Pathways.

We look at how God wired each of us to connect with Him in a deep and meaningful way. It’s important to realize that this does not equate the different pathways of connecting with God with many ways to salvation.

Maybe you feel close to God when you’re out in nature. You worship Him because you see His handiwork in mountains, in streams, in the call of a loon or a rainstorm coming across the prairie.

If you feel close to God by reading books by church fathers and early theologians, you might be an intellectual.

If your passion is social justice, and serving the poor or working at a soup kitchen, you’re probably an activist.

Gary points out that we can have several different pathways; this is not a cut-and-dry practice, but it can help you live out your calling when you know how God has wired you to respond to Him.

Which category do you most identify with?

Key Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 16:9Psalm 19:1

Theme Song: The Treasure of You by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : How do you connect with God?

How do you connect with God?


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