Jesus used many verbs in His ministry – seek, rest, go, forgive. But what does it mean to love as He loved? Pastor Jon Weece what it means to love.

Jon pastors a large church in Lexington, Kentucky. He learned from an early age that loving people means going to any lengths to reach those who need to know God’s love. He can often be found standing on the street corner wearing a sign that says “Free Hugs.” Jon has the opportunity to pray for and talk with those who are typically overlooked by the church – all because he steps out in ways to love that seem unusual but simple.

“All of us have a similar thread in our stories – and it’s pain. So I just listen. Listening is one of the greatest forms of love but one of the most neglected forms of love.”

Jon shares from his life and his book new book, :

•  What life was like growing up in Haiti and how it changed his view of others
•  How Jon’s parents modeled radical love for their children
•  What a Jesus Prom is and how you can throw one for your community
•  What Jon learned from watching his father’s last days of life
•  The power of words in building up others
•  How God used a prayer warrior named Mary Helen to cover Jon

Jon says,

“My dad used to say, ‘evangelism and fishing – Jesus equated them for a reason; they’re messy. You never pull a fish out of the water that’s clean and smells good. People’s lives are messy. We’ve got to wade into that mess’… Nonbelievers need to see us reaching out to messy people.”

Key Scriptures: Galatians 5:6; 1 Corinthians 13:8; John 13:35

Theme Song: Open Up the Heavens by Meredith Andrews

Highlight : Following God down a country road

How does grammar point us to Jesus?

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