One of the premier ministries for effectively sharing Christ around the globe, especially among college students, is Campus Crusade for Christ. Steve Douglass serves as president and dynamic leader of this international ministry. He reviews evangelism, the four spiritual laws, and evidence of God at work in a changing and polarized world. How can we demonstrate the love of God to those around us?

Here are the basic truths of Christianity:

God created you to know Him.
Sin gets in the way.
God created a way for us to come to Him through Jesus Christ.
We won’t experience redemption and intimacy unless we come.

Steve points out the importance of understanding the person we’re talking to when we talk about God. He uses the millennial generation as an example – when asked why so many of them are resistant to Christianity, here are some of the reasons they give:

“Christians are hypocrites”

“They are too interested in converting me”

“They are anti-homosexual”

“They are too political”

Steve points out that by loving and serving those around us, we can break many of these stereotypes and demonstrate the truth of the gospel in redeeming and transforming a prideful heart. Pray for opportunities to share your story, and ask God to prepare your words to reach their ears.

Highlight – The good news of Easter

The good news of Easter

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