Edmund Moy knows about money, and he also knows about power and influence. Moy was the director of the US Mint until 2011 and before that served in the White House under President Bush. He makes a return visit to Faith Radio talk about money, debt, government policy, and exercising influence as a Christian in government. Listen as Ed and Neil look at the state of the economy, the wisdom of investing in gold, and what it means for a Christian to serve in a government position.

Ed says, we need more followers of Jesus to engage in government and politics. “I think Christians have an opportunity…We need more Josephs. We need more Daniels… there are many ways that Christians can have influence. Most of us won’t be involved in the system. But we can understand the issues; we can vote. More Christians need to get civically involved. In the past what I’ve seen is Christians involved in the public square feel individually called, but they don’t always have the support of believers around them.”

Ed says above all, we can pray, both for ourselves and for those in high office. “I’ve seen [President Bush] spontaneously, in an Oval Office meeting, dedicate himself to prayer. Pray that our leaders would be drawn closer to the Lord every day… Pray that they would be brave” and avoid the tendency to compromise due to polling data or cultural backlash. In a polarized culture, it’s more important than ever to bring our nation’s leaders before God.

Ed also gives his thoughts on

• The important connection between the government and the people.
• How Ed worked to implement strategies during his time in the White House and what he learned.
• How to manage your portfolio using the Ecclesiastes 11:2 principle.
• The current standards and state of gold investments.

This program has been pre-recorded.

Highlight – God and the U.S. Mint

God and the U.S. Mint

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