“I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my dorm room and inspected the extra parts. These extra parts needed fixing – my stomach, my thighs, and those cheeks that were round and puffy, like two big apples on the side of my face. I would fix this. Fixing was my forte.” – An excerpt from Lee Wolfe Blum‘s book, .

Listen as she joins Susie in studio to further unpack her powerful story of overcoming anorexia and the God who loved her in the midst of her brokenness.

“I developed later in high school, and I gained some weight, and someone said to me, ‘Look who’s gained the freshman fifteen.’ I think the intention was out of love, but I took it as something wrong. Dieting became a drug for me – I was using it to cope. And I couldn’t stop.”

Lee and Susie explore

• The power of internal dialogue and self-talk

• Lee’s own journey of healing

• How anorexia affected Lee’s relationship with her now-husband Chris

• How to approach someone you suspect may have an eating disorder

Lee went on to marry Chris, raise children, and now helps others who struggle with addiction and eating disorders.

“I don’t know my weight. I’m very protective of my recovery, and as long as I do that, my body will do what it needs to do. We’re not competing against each other anymore. There’s so much more to think about in life than what I look like or what I weigh. God can free us of that. Life on the other side of it… you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back.”

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Key Scriptures: 1 John 4:4

Featured Songs: O Holy Night by Group 1 Crew; Bethlehem Skies by Dara Maclean; Go Tell It on the Mountain by Big Daddy Weave

Highlight : The slippery slope of dieting

What does God think of my body?