Imagine being a mental health practitioner seeing patient after patient broken by following the conventional wisdom. Wanting your patients to improve, you’d likely want to do your best to expose the false teaching doing so much damage in your midst.

That describes the situation for Dr. Miriam Grossman, former campus psychiatrist at UCLA. She became fed up with the unending procession of women hurt by hook-up culture having been led astray by her own profession. She believes psychiatry is culpable for endorsing high-risk behaviors leading to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, early sexual debut, gender confusion, abortion, and more.

Her concerns about the politics of opposing the proponents of comprehensive sex ed led her to publish anonymously. However, the book, Unprotected,  was generally well-received and she is named as author in later editions. Dr. Grossman expands on the work in her latest volume, You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?

Although Dr. Grossman’s message is science-driven, she has her detractors who dismiss abstinence as an unrealistic approach. Yet, her research is exhaustive and points to the flaws in the “misinformed and outdated” material in the sex ed curricula and resources made widely available to teens and college-aged adults. She also emphasizes the importance of faith in making wise choices.

Highlight: Exposing Sex Ed

Exposing Sex Ed – Miriam Grossman MD

From her bio:

Miriam Grossman MD is a physician, author, public speaker, and media commentator. She is known internationally for her courage in breaking ranks and calling foul on the Sexuality Education industry. She has been on over 200 radio, news, and television shows. Dr Grossman has lectured at the British House of Lords and the United Nations. Dr Grossman speaks to parents, students, educators, policy makers and health professionals on the importance of childhood innocence, and the dangers of a powerful sex education lobby that promotes sexual license instead of sexual health. Dr Grossman graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr College and from New York University Medical School. She completed an internship in pediatrics at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, and a residency in psychiatry at North Shore University Hospital – Cornell University Medical College, followed by a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at the same institution. Dr Grossman is board certified in psychiatry and in the sub-specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry.