As we live in a culture which continues to run away from God, we need every soldier in the battle. We need every brother and sister in Christ standing, working together for the cause of Christ and his Gospel.

Unfortunately, however, there are a few…actually, there are a ton of issues that seem to divide Christians like a hot knife through butter.

But amidst this plethora of dividing points of theology and the application of that theology, there are ten main categories that divide Christians — that’s according the Dr. Alex McFarland.



McFarland, a speaker, writer and advocate for Christian apologetics and the director of the Center for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University, has written  He joined Dr. Bill Maier to break down those categories that divide Christians.

McFarland says that in order to understand what divides Christians, we need to understand why it seems to be so easy to divide us in the first place — and how achieving unity will make the cause of Christ so powerful, even in a dark world:

“With 68 million (U.S. citizens) that really probably do know Jesus and have a biblically-informed worldview, oh my goodness. If we voted, those born-again Christians that have a Biblically-informed perspective, if they were registered to vote and would vote, we could have anything we wanted. From the Oval Office to the local dog catcher. I mean really, if Christians would become politically-engaged.”

McFarland also notes how historically-held denominational and personal theological views can continue to hold Christians apart:

Highlight — History matters

In 10 Issues That Divide Christians, Dr. McFarland breaks down these top issues that seem to confuse and confound every denomination of evangelical Christianity:

1. Pluralism
2. Homosexuality
3. Social Compassion/Justice
4. Environmental Stewardship
5. American Exceptionalism
6. The Role of Government
7. Just War
8. Abortion
9. Pornography
10. The Problem of Evil

You can hear the full podcast below:

What divides us?

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