Sometimes God leads us to do something that looks crazy and risky to the rest of the world. What we see as a trial, God sees as His purpose fulfilled and glory displayed. Author Nik Ripken spoke with Susie, revisiting the message from his book, . He explores the importance of global discipleship and issues a call for us to live radical Christ-centered lives, regardless of the cost.

Nik shares his heart for missions.

“Does God hear and answer prayers if we are unwilling to take His answers to the context of lost people? The 99 who are the church don’t feel that they want to be considered ‘expendable’ – but if I’m that one lost sheep, what a joy that God would expend 99 efforts or 99 sheep to reach the lost. I’ve met people in America who get it – and I’m struggling for those who think that salvation ends their journey. It’s just the first step! To miss the journey is to miss the purpose of your creation.”

He and Susie unpack…

•  An American response to suffering and persecution

•  What happened when Nik was surprised at the airport by a group of Muslim-background believers

•  How to pray for our brothers and sisters who live in persecution

•  How to be aware of the spiritual danger of living in a ‘free nation’

•  Revival

Susie points out that as more people turn to Christ, the persecution and opposition will increase. Does that mean we shouldn’t pray for a wave of repentance in our country? Nik says, contrary to popular opinion, our focus doesn’t need to be on political opposition.

“I don’t think that church people ought to fuss a lot about government persecution when we have total access to Jesus; we just ought to ask God for forgiveness when we withhold access the first time.”

Key Scriptures: John 1:14-17; Matthew 5:43-47

Theme Song: We Are by Kari Jobe

Highlight : Counting the cost in America

Counting the cost

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