The church is meant to be a place of healing and growth. But how do we cope when the body of Christ wounds us? Listen as Susie talks with author and international speaker Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. We look at the story of Hagar and talk about how God works to redeem the rejections we experience.

Part of the pain of being wounded by another Christian is the trust that we have in that relationship. Specifically because they are a brother or sister in the Lord, their rejection or betrayal cuts deeper than hurtful words from a stranger or unbeliever. Anne shares her own story of being forced to leave a church after her husband was voted out of leadership. She wrestled with God in the middle of that hurt and sadness and came away with rich wisdom and insight for those who have been rejected:

  • Encouraging words for “believers in exile”
  • The difference between reconciliation and forgiveness
  • Why it’s important to keep short accounts with others
  • How to be quick to listen and slow to judge
  • How the life of Hagar demonstrates the healing love of God in the midst of rejection

Anne says, remember that vengeance belongs to God. We can’t exercise it as people because in our minds, “vengeance is never satisfied.” Instead we need to search our own hearts, repent of our sin to God, and seek to be reconciled to those we’ve wounded. What if reconciliation is not possible? Then we are still called to extend forgiveness for our own health and growth. Anne and Susie say, remember that forgiveness is both a process and an act of worship. In prayer, bring your offenses to the throne of God, and leave them there.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 15:21-28; Genesis 16; Luke 17:3-5

Theme Song: Sovereign by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : When church hurts

When church hurts

This program originally aired on September 13.

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