At some point, everyone has ideas, dreams, and goals. But we can keep ourselves from succeeding by the things we think to ourselves. This can easily be changed with a little determination and intentional shifting of your thinking.

Author Dean Del Sesto calls these changes Shift Points. Making small shifts in your thinking can have a big impact on your productivity, attitude, relationships, and more.

Sometimes it is easier to avoid these changes that we know we need to make in our own lives. It has become very common and very easy to literally tune out in our own personal growth, our roles in relationships with others, etc. Families turn on the television avoid conversation. We entertain ourselves so that we don’t feel the need to address the things in our lives that leave us feeling empty.

Find out more about these simple changes and get updates at Dean’s website. And listen to the full interview with Dean Del Sesto below.

Making Changes

Images: Flickr