“Why can’t he be more like me?”
“Why does she think so differently?”

Fact: men and women are wired differently, and that is not a bad thing!

Listen as we explore the brains of men and women with  Barb and Walt Larimore. They talk about learning from, and embracing, our God-given differences!

Barb and Walt co-authored the book  , and they explore several areas of distinction between men and women:

• Intimacy – While men connect through the physical act of making love, women feel loved and cared for through conversation and words of affirmation.
• Processing – Men tend to withdraw and become silent while they process information – women tend to process and deal with emotions by talking things through and wanting a “sounding board.”
• Focus – Walt point out that while a normal woman can hear, process and understand up to seven sources of sound simultaneously, a man can only process one sound at a time.
• Perception – Scientifically, women have wider peripheral vision than men. Walt and Barb point to this to explain why men can stand in front of the refrigerator and be unable to find an item quickly. Women can do a quick scan of a room, a map, or a fridge, and immediately spot several things at once.

Barb says we can appreciate these differences and use them to build a stronger marriage.

“Understanding these differences will result in a stronger marriage, not only a marriage relationship but relationships with the opposite sex.”

Walt agrees!

“When we look back at the Hebrew Scriptures, God brings Eve to Adam. They’re facing each other; she’s able to see things behind him that he cannot; he’s able to see things behind her that she cannot. The two together can see differently than either one apart, and all of the hundreds of differences we describe in this book paint that picture.”

His brain, her brain


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