Life is challenging and filled with questions—especially when it comes to understanding God’s ways and purposes.

The best-selling author and bible scholar Ron Rhodes joins guest host Bill Arnold with insights and answers to some of life’s hardest questions. He helps us gain a greater understanding of God’s Word as we discuss his recent book The Big Book Of Bible Answers: A Guide To Understanding The Most Challenging Questions.

Ron believes that the majority of Christians don’t pick up their Bibles. When they do, it’s usually just on Sunday. That is particularly sad because there’s a direct correlation between spending time in God’s Word & your excitement for and engagement with your faith.

Here are just some of the directions our conversation takes:

•  What percentage of the Bible is prophetic? The number may surprise you!
•  Will we have free will in Heaven? Ron responds by comparing our sin nature to a corrupted piece of software.

“The wonderful thing about Heaven is it won’t be contaminated with our sinful nature.”  

•  Where did Jesus’s spirit go after the cross?
•  How we live today echoes into eternity.
•  What’s the appropriate time and place for baptism in the life of the believer?
•  Is there some sort of starter kit to understanding biblical prophecy?
•  Is the rapture a reality? If so, what are the scriptures that point to it taking place?

Highlight: The rapture

•  What is the spiritual implication of the breakdown of our physical bodies?
•  What’s behind the various beliefs about “The Tribulation”?

Understanding God’s Word

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