This is part 5 of a 6 part series looking at Your Beautiful Purpose. Listen to Part 1: Embracing your purpose

When God’s about to bring you into a new thing, it’s a good idea to take a wider look at the promise. On this edition of Live the Promise Susie unpacks the next section of her book, Your Beautiful Purpose. We look at how to find high ground and see your life and future land from God’s perspective.

God enables us to stand on high places

God enables us to stand in battle

God enables us to stand in a high place of worship

Susie unpacks a final, stirring meaning of standing in God’s strength – standing on a funeral mound. When we experience a loss, God gives us strength to stand on it. As Susie puts it, “We can walk through the valley of the shadow, and still be standing.” As we walk closely with God and seek the high ground, God trains us to persevere and trust Him with our circumstances. Susie shares her own experiences with loss – as she wrote Your Beautiful Purpose, her father passed away. As she filmed the DVD, her mother-in-law died. As she grappled with her grief, she found herself asking “God, what’s the high ground here? What does obedience look like in the midst of this pain?”

Community with other believers is key when we’re seeking the high ground in our situation. Susie points out that the body of Christ is a place to run for comfort. We can borrow each other’s faith in a season of preparation when we can’t find the high ground of obedience. Christianity is not meant to be an “island” faith, and that truth extends to our place of calling.

Where is the high ground in your life right now?

Key Scriptures: 2 Samuel 22:33-35; Ephesians 6:16

Theme Song: Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin

Listen to Part 6: Take new territory

Highlight : Find high ground

Find high ground

2 Responses to "Your Beautiful Purpose: Find high ground"

  • Sandra Fuselier says:

    Thanks Susie for all your blessings you post.I am inspired everyday! would love to beable to get & read your book You have a purpose.Thank you in advance.
    Blessings to you & your family,
    Sandra Fuselier

  • Mina Coman says:

    I trusted in the Lord to answer me by the first thing i see on facebook and it was this message. I hope to win this book. I am seeking to know the Lord above all things! Blessings to you!!!

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