What does it mean to awaken to God? Listen as Susie speaks with Gerard Long, executive director of Alpha USA.

Gerard says we can pray for God to awaken those in our lives who don’t know Him.

“It’s the Holy Spirit that brings us to a place of repentance. Pray for strategic meetings. Pray for situations that will bring them to a point where they’ll be listening. Pray for words in season – not to preach, but to love on them and show them God’s kindness. The greatest testimony from my parents was that I saw God’s love in their marriage. I knew they had it because they put Jesus first.”

Gerard shares how his awakening has drawn him to God, and how that intimacy led his family through several tragic seasons:

• The death of his teenage son Alex to suicide

• His wife’s journey through grief, anger, and the loss and renewal of her faith

• The passing of his daughter Rebecca earlier this year

Gerard has a word for those who are walking in darkness.

“There is a place you can go to; it’s called the throne of grace. What a great God we have that He’s there for us. George Mueller said, ‘I have learned that I don’t leave God’s presence until I’ve made my soul happy in God.’ It’s amazing how God’s Word and the Holy Spirit will strengthen us for each day… God prepares us and gives us grace to cope with the things He’s asked us to do. Although no one likes suffering, there’s an intimacy with God that comes.”

Gerard says, even in the face of such suffering and hardship, God has a purpose in delaying Christ’s return – He wants the preaching of the Word and the Holy Spirit to bring more people to repentance. “He’s patient. Every day gives more people a chance to be with Jesus for eternity.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 8:6; Proverbs 4:23; Acts 1:4-8; 2 Corinthians 5:15

Theme Song: Draw Me Nearer by Meredith Andrews

Highlight : What awakening means when we’re suffering

Awakening to God

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