Each month we invite Bible professors from the University of Northwestern into the studio and open the phone lines for questions on the Bible, faith and the church. This month on Ask the Professor we welcome back Bible and philosophy professors Mark Muska and Brad Sickler to field your questions.

On this edition of Ask the Professor, we tackle a number of colorful and contentious topics:

• Is the Angel of the LORD a pre-incarnate Christ?

• What is the biblical basis for purgatory?

• Why is the Old Testament God so wrathful?

• Can our loved ones see us from heaven?

• Why are there different rewards in heaven?

• What is the role of Mary in the salvation plan?

• What does it mean to “cast pearls before swine”?

• How can we as Christians think about the Middle East conflict and the connection between God’s promises and the land?

Highlight – A question about heaven

Ask the professor

One Response to "Ask the professor – May edition"

  • Cheryl Bortz says:

    Hi, I submitted this question last month and was hoping to have this
    question answered in May… oh well..
    anyway, I was wondering about Baptism. I have heard to baptise
    a few weeks after birth as we are all born in sin and then I have heard only baptise when a person is able to understand what being baptised means.
    What is your opinion on the age a person should be baptised?
    If a child dies prior to being baptised, say at the age of 3 or 4 and they
    are not baptised yet, what happens to them?

    I hope to hear an answer on this next time around.

    Thanks so much

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