What does it mean to need God and be desperate for His presence in our lives? Recording artist Lincoln Brewster joins Susie to talk about his music, faith journey, and brand-new album. Also co-hosting this hour is Susie’s own son, Luke, who was inspired by Lincoln’s music to learn guitar himself.

Lincoln, who is also the worship pastor for Bayside Church near Sacramento, shares his heart for his album, Oxygen, by sharing the stories behind some of the new songs:


“My youngest son Liam is a very deep thinker and loves music.. he came in studio one day and said ‘Dad, can you print off the lyrics of that song Oxygen?’ The Bible says that we can encourage one another with the same encouragement that the Holy Spirit gives us, and I take that from my son. Sometimes you need someone to give us a little encouragement, and it ended up becoming the name of the album.”

Made New

“We have this lens we put on our own lives about how we see ourselves; rarely is it about how God sees us. The song was not really a congregational song and I asked if they would be willing to change it. “

On Our Side

“A few days into recording we found out that my wife had this rare form of cancer, and we were walking through that journey while I was making this album… While she was recovering from a major surgery, I was sitting next to her, probably 2 o’clock in the morning, working on this song. I just had this overwhelming thought that she would be encouraged by this song in her current state. It’s gotta be about hope. It was forged in the midst of a very scary, very real trial.”

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:6; 1 John 5:12

Featured Songs: Let the Praises Ring by Lincoln Brewster; Another Hallelujah by Lincoln Brewster; Everlasting God by Lincoln Brewster

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Highlight : Made new

The artist’s corner: Lincoln Brewster

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