How do we best represent the Christian faith to others who don’t share our convictions? What does it really mean to be an ambassador for Christ? Apologist and speaker Greg Koukl shows us how to go on the offensive without being offensive, to use curiosity instead of confrontation, as we talk Tactics: A Game Plan For Discussing Your Christian Convictions.

Greg draws a distinction between arguments and fights. While the gospel message can be offensive to others, we need to engage them lovingly, with “genial or friendly diplomacy while making our case.” He also uses the word “conviction” in the place of “faith,” since the word faith has been “compromised” in recent years.

What does it mean to engage people in reality? Greg and Neil suggest bringing the gospel into everyday life issues – marriage, family dynamics, handling money, world events, and even politics. Listen as they unpack:

  • How to ask probing questions
  • What happens when people are “socialized” to believe certain things
  • The distinction between debating someone and engaging them
  • A proper response to the “everything is relative” argument
  • The importance of clarifying the other position before responding or refuting the points they are making
  • The “Columbo” approach to engaging others
  • What happened when a homosexual called into Greg’s radio program to debate him

Listen as Greg engages listeners and demonstrates the gentle, humble approach to defending Christianity. If the person we’re engaging is starting to use illogical arguments, respond with questions. Step back and look at the implications of what they’re saying, rather than responding quickly. Choose which points to answer and which points to let pass. Greg points to Proverbs to remind us, in closing, “Sometimes not speaking is the wisest thing to do.” God will use our witness whether we feel equipped or not. Pray, ask Him for wisdom, and then open your mouth.

Highlight – Apologetics


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