It’s easy to feel worried and anxious as a parent. There are just so many areas of your child’s life that can go wrong along the way. So what’s a mom to do?

In I Need Some Help Here! Hope For When Your Kids Don’t Go According To Plan, Kathi Lipp meets you in your moments of panic or despair with wit and wisdom.  Now, Kathi Lipp helps us find encouragement and hope for keeping the family bond together.

Neil and Kathi touch on these topics & more:

• When it comes to back to school planning, what are the top keys to getting the year off to a good start?
• Is there an area where ‘chaos’ is lurking, or one area that can de-rail other successes?
• What routines has Kathy changed or adapted over the years to make the Lipp household run more smoothly?
• Kathy speaks to the importance of a time-honored, but all too rare tradition, the family meal. She breaks down some tips for making it happen in your own home.

Highlight – The importance of a family meal

“Getting around the table is so much more than just the food” – Kathy Lipp

It’s even completely alright to Google ‘dinner conversation starters’! The effort to have these conversations is so worthwhile because it can be a conduit for digging into the details of what’s really going on in the life of your son or daughter.

• How do you find out about your child’s day at school when they get home without one word answers? How can we dig deeper and connect with our kids where they are?
• Rights go along with responsibilities.  As your kids head into the school year, start a conversation with them by asking what their new responsibilities look like in a higher grade.

Advice for parents

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