The church is meant to be a place of healing and growth. But how do we cope when the body of Christ wounds us?

Today Susie talks with author and international speaker Anne Graham Lotz. We’re going to look at the story of Hagar, and talk about how God works to redeem the rejections we experience. Anne’s new book is .

Key Scriptures: Matthew 15:21-28; Genesis 16; Luke 17:3-5

Theme Song: Sovereign by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : When God’s people wound

When God’s people wound

One Response to "When God’s people wound"

  • Betty M says:

    For me the hardest thing to do is after the wrong has happened and someone else who knows nothing of the wrong done to you begins to speak well of the individual(s) who hurt you and you need ot remain silent about it!! A part of you wants to scream about the wrong that was done to “set them straight.” It takes great self control and God’s grace to remain silent!!!

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