Many people have achy joints they must contend with. For some, their joint pain is short lived—brought on by an aggravating activity or by fluctuations in the weather. For others, their joint pain is a chronic, daily irritant.

If your joint pain comes and goes, but is “gone” more than “on”, you would probably due best to rest, apply heat or ice (whichever you find more comforting) and take over-the-counter ibuprofen-type meds (if your doctor has given you the thumbs up to take these).

On the other hand, if you are like me and you have a joint (or joints) that “speak” to you more days than not, then may I introduce you to a few of my favorite inflammation-busting supplements.

Bromelain—Born of a pineapple, bromelain is marketed primarily as a digestive supplement. That said I have learned that some physicians use it for its anti-inflammatory properties (especially oral and plastic surgeons). Personally, it has made a significant difference in my own chronic pain condition.

Glucosamine Chondroitin—This supplement is probably the more “famous” of the bunch. It is touted to increase the lubrication within creaky joints and to strengthen the regional cartilage.                           

Hyaluronic Acid—This lesser known product can be obtained in a vitamin-type shop either “on its own” or partnered with other anti-inflammatory supplements. I discovered how powerful this agent was after the glucosamine chondroitin formula I used was revamped and the hyaluronic acid eliminated. It caused me to seek it out and add it back into my vitamin/supplement regime. 

Tart Cherry Juice—Oh, how I wish I could take this one! But alas, if your intestines revolt in the presence of prescription strength anti-inflammatories as mine do, this product is not for you. BUT, let me sing its praises for those of you who can stomach NSAIDs: Tart cherries, beyond containing naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents also are extremely high in antioxidants, AND are the only food-based source of melatonin, the sleep enhancer. So, drink this ½ hour before bedtime (1 oz mixed in some sparkling water to dilute its tartness)…you will sleep well, be well, and wake up feeling well. What more could you ask?


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