I’m in the “un-happiest” season of my life.

That’s what books, articles, marriage counselors, psychologists and others all tend to say. Research shows that as a young parent with young kids, I’m at the bottom of the bell curve of happiness. This news obviously isn’t great, and yet in one way it is comforting.

It tells me that it’s okay to have bad days.

I’ve often felt life’s obligations gang up and challenge me. It’s been a sick crying baby at 3am… A financial challenge that leads to frustration… A son standing toe to toe with me choosing to disobey… Or wondering with my wife when we’ll find time to truly connect.

Some aspects of this stage in life I just plain dislike. I admit it. The crazy thing is though, I still love it! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I know someday I’ll look back at this season and miss it so much! But in the meantime… some days are a real struggle.

It’s okay to have bad days.

Better yet, God’s listens even on my bad days. So I often pray, God, help me when I’m tired, worn out, frustrated, stressed, or downright crabby. Give me strength for each day, patience, and a generous love that comes from You. Thank you for being my Father and for being with me through all my days, good and bad.

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