I am convinced that gifts that remind us of the giver are the greatest gifts of all.

Take this coffee cup for instance. This gift was given to me for Christmas. It has pictures of my four wonderful grandchildren on it. I am convinced that it will make me smile every time I use it. To quote an old cliche, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” How could I receive a better gift that one that reminds me of the ones I love?

And speaking of gifts that keep on giving and remind us of one’s we love, how’s your bible reading program coming?

(Strange segue, I know but hang with me, ok?)

Other than the gift of the baby Jesus, sent to die for the sins of all the world, is there any greater gift that God has given to us than his love letter from heaven…aka: The Bible? Divinely inspired and according to Jesus himself, it is a book that is to be totally fulfilled in time – Matthew 5: 17-20 and Luke 16: 16-17.  The apostle Paul even claims that the very breath of God is interwoven into every page – 2 Tim 3: 14-17, If you’ve read the bible even just a little bit, there’s a good chance that you feel the same as Paul. There is something about this book that is different from all others. One that is worthy of our time and study.

If you think I’m suggesting a New Year’s resolution idea, you’d be right. But I’m truly speaking to myself as well as you. You see, I will admit there are a number of things that I do that while they’re not necessarily bad, they wouldn’t be missed if I didn’t do them. And I must confess that there are days that go by that I don’t even crack the cover of the most widely read of all books.

I figure that by just eliminating 15 minutes of unnecessary activity per day,  I can replace it by reading the “love letter from heaven.” And in the process, reacquaint myself with the God who is.

The Bible waits to reveal the heart of the God who is madly in love with you and me. Are you ready to recommit to an adventure of getting to know the God who is the greatest gift giver of all?

Let’s do it together. After all, there is no resolution more worthy of just 15 minutes of our time, wouldn’t you agree?

Something to think about.

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