Many strong Christian leaders, pillars in the faith community, are stumbling in very public ways. When a pastor or leader falls into sexual sin, or is caught stealing from his ministry, it can throw the church into confusion, pain and shock.

Even when average Christians fall into significant sin it can be difficult for those around them to deal with.

Beth Moore examines how we can work towards forgiveness and reconciliation  in her book, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. In this podcast Susie asks listeners to provide their perspectives.

How do you guard your heart and life from the enemy’s schemes?

In the book Beth Moore challenges readers to be aware of smaller problems. Just because they haven’t exploded into something bigger doesn’t mean they wont. The enemy wants us to think that we’ll never have a big sin issue. If we think that way it’s much easier for him to blindside us.

When it comes to guarding your life can you share a lesson you learned the hard way?

One caller shared that she was a young wife who thought she was being godly. She moved to a new church and had become infatuated with the pastor.  Nothing happened except in her mind, but she constantly found excuses to go to church. The situation was eating up her heart so she prayed about it. The Holy Spirit nudged her to tell her husband, so she did. They prayed about it and God took the inflation out of her life.

Another caller shared that she has been divorced for a year. Because of her experience God has put it on her heart to help other couples avoid divorce. She now sees divorce for what it is, a tool used by the devil to split apart marriages.

Key Scriptures: 2 Timothy 3:1-61 Timothy 4:16

When godly people do ungodly things

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