Susie talks with listeners about singer, songwriter, speaker and author John Fischer’s book, .

The 12 steps in Fischer’s book walk readers through the process of recognizing where they have elevated judgement and comparison in the place of the grace of the gospel.

If we have the attitude of a Pharisee it’s important that we recognize this attitude an how it has affected our lives. In Fischer’s book he explores the negative impact of an attitude of judgment, not only on others but also on ourselves.

How would you define a modern-day Pharisee? Some see a modern-day Pharisee is a person who has no grace, no compassion, no patience and put on a show in public. They are obsessed with rules and judgement. Would you point to yourself as examples of such a person?

In John Fischer’s book he says,

“Judging gives us a subjective means of affirming ourselves. No matter what I’ve done or how bad I am I can always comfort myself by finding someone out there who’s worse than I am. I can also bring down those who appear more worthy than me by finding or manufacturing some flaw in their character that allows me to be better in my mind.”

Such an attitude of judgment does not just put our relationships with others in jeopardy, it also challenges a proper relationship with God. Susie explains how when we judge we set ourselves in a position above God.

“In other words, we put a period at the end of a sentence that God is still writing.”

Rediscovering from the ways of a Pharisee requires submission to God’s perspective. Also it requires refraining from judging or measuring ourselves and others.

Key Scriptures: James 2:13Matthew 7:1-5

What to do when you’re a recovering Pharisee

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