Many Christians have a misguided obsession with “managing” sin. What if we stopped trying to manage or hide our sin and started living in the truth that, in Christ, we are forgiven?

Susie and author Steve Brown talk about his new book, Three Free Sins.

The reality is that people of faith still sin despite trying to walk in the way of the Master. However, we don’t like to talk about our sin and deal with it in openness.

“God has made a statement, in fact from Genesis to Revelation God is building a case like a lawyer in a court and then at the end the judge says, ‘Okay, you’re free.'”

Steve discusses the verses in the Bible that emphasize the depravity of human nature as well as the continual examples of great men and women of God committing sin. Throughout the biblical narrative there’s a common theme of continual sin in the lives of people of faith.

“God has a point and the point is ‘Come here child, I love you.’ Because of the blood of Christ I love you.”

This emphasis on grace and forgiveness isn’t about being flippant with sin. Steve and Susie talk about the difference between striving negatively and earnestly seeking God.  He explains that really digging into Scripture doesn’t lead to passive, stagnant faith.

“We miss the astonishment of Scripture. We don’t go to Scripture much and say, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that, that can’t be true.’ When that stuff starts getting into you and you see what’s going on you aren’t passive.”

At the same time, Christians are not to be demanding specific discipline from their brothers and sisters.

“As soon as you start saying, ‘If you love Jesus you would do this better,’ that’s a condemning statement.”

Steve continues on to explore the term “cheep grace” and more in his interview with Susie.

Key Scriptures: Romans 7:18-19

Three free sins

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