Generosity, regardless of your position in life or financial means, is the way you can sow into the kingdom of God. You may be an executive director, a stay-at-home mom, a pastor, a teacher, a president, a mechanic or a waiter but you can be something else too – a sower.

Today Susie talks with author Gary Hoag, the “Generosity Monk” about a new movement, a realignment of priorities that places changed hearts above changed bank balances.

“I have really been inspired by that reality that when God blesses us, when God fills our cup, he does it for a purpose, not just so we can enjoy it but so that we can pour it out and share it with others because he’s the one that filled it and in so doing we can bring him glory.”

By pouring out God’s blessings through generosity we sow seeds for the kingdom. Sowers cannot play God and cause the seeds to grow. All they can do, and must do, is sow faithfully and regularly and trust God for the increase.

“We don’t know when we sow God’s love, when we sow through random acts of kindness, when we sow money into ministries, we don’t know where the harvest is going to come.  So, what we need to do with whatever resources we have is to sow abundantly — that’s the only way we’ll reap an abundant harvest.”

Gary talks the difference between an owner and a steward mindset in how we handle resources.

“Stewards realize what’s in my position is really owned by the Master so I must handle it in accordance with the Master’s wishes. Or, in biblical terms, I must use whatever gifts God’s entrusted me, whatever goods or financial resources, in a manner consistent with his teachings.”

Gary also discusses more on generosity and the difference between ways of the kingdom of God and the kingdom of earth in his interview with Susie.

Key Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 11:62 Corinthians 9:6-8 

The sower

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