Kate McCord (not her real name) was working in the corporate world when she picked up a travel book about Afghanistan. The book captivated her imagination. She started reading everything she could about the country. It was 2000, the Taliban was ruling the country and women were being oppressed in horrific ways.

 “My heart broke for the people of Afghanistan. I spent that winter of 2000-2001 praying for country, praying for the people.”

Kate didn’t think she would ever go. Then 9/11 happened. That day, Kate knew she was going to Afghanistan. It took several years for her to sell her house and figure out the details of going to Afghanistan.

“I was middle-aged. I wasn’t looking to walk away from my retirement plan. But I came to a place where I just knew that Jesus was inviting me to walk with him in Afghanistan.”

As she followed Christ the enemy presented challenges to dissuade her from going. She wondered if she was crazy to give up her prime earning years for this call. What would happen to her retirement? She had to trust that God was big enough to take care of her.

She also doubted her qualifications to be in ministry there since she didn’t have a theology degree, a background in ministry or an understanding of the language. She needed to trust that God had called her and that he would open the doors for her.

Despite the challenges, Kate followed God’s call and went to Afghanistan for five years and she has seen God faithfully provide for her concerns.

In the rest of her interview Kate shares about learning to follow the rules for women in Afghan culture, the responses she received and more. 

Kate’s book is In the Land of Blue Burqas.

Key Scriptures: John 17:3Deuteronomy 6:4John 16:2-3Matthew 5:43-44

In the land of blue burqas

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