Members of the Faith Radio community share about the impact and influence of their father’s words, actions and character as well as encouragement to value fathers.

Words from fathers:

  • “Two things he said to me have always stuck with me: 1. Little is much if God is in it. 2. Him that honors me, I will honor. He lived by those words.”
  • “Dad looked me in the eye and said, ‘Brad, it’s okay, I’ve been here before. I know the way. You’re going to be fine.'”

Actions of love:

  • “Every one of those grandkids got a phone call. If anything was going on in their life, Grandpa was on the phone.”
  • “My dad was spiritual leader and he showed such love and affection to my mom, it was amazing.”

Strength of character:

  • “He has been an incredible example of work ethic and putting your family first. He is a dad that was and always still is actively present for me and my sister. I know hugely who I am because of the presence he has been in my life.”
  • “I feel so blessed to have had a wonderful. He just was such and influential man and he was just a tender-hearted, godly man…His life just made it so much easier for me to love God.

Encouragement for relationships with parents: 

  • “I guess the one word of advice I would have for anyone out there is I miss my dad like crazy and he only lived seven minutes away from me and I did not take the time to invest in his last years the way I wish I would have. You don’t realize what a gift your parents are.”
  • “If you’re holding a grudge and you need to forgive you let God do the changing work in you and it will change how you relate to your parents.”
  • “Allow the Lord to take your heart and change it towards your parents and restore what the Enemy has tried to destroy.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 68:5-6Matthew 6:8-13Matthew 6:31-32Ephesians 6:4

The importance of fatherhood

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