Susie is joined by Tullian Tchividjian, pastor and grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, to talk about his new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything.

Tullian explains that adding on the the Gospel is a key downfall for many Christians. When we give into temptation we give in to the idea that there is something valuable we don’t already possess that we can gain through sin.

“And that’s where the Gospel becomes explosive and helpful and remarkably liberating when we realize that everything we need,  everything we long for, everything our hearts crave in Christ we already possess.”

When we have Christ, we don’t need anything else. Tullian emphasizes that coming to accept this sets us free. Accepting that Christ is sufficient is not just a one-time thing, it requires continual repentance and identity. 

“Progress in the Christian life requires a daily going backwards, a daily going back to what Christ has already done for us and it’s there, under the banner of Christ’s finished work, that we find the power and freedom to press on.”

Tullian talks about his personal story and how God used a time of hardship to draw out the idols in his life.

“He helped me to see all of those things that I was depending on that were smaller than Jesus to make me feel like I mattered, to make me feel secure, to make me feel significant, to make me feel free.”

It was at that point that “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” became real for Tullian. He shares that he rediscovered the sufficiency of the Gospel and he rediscovered God’s grace in this time.  He saw that all he needed was Christ and he now works to help other Christians see that too.

“We live our lives looking for something that we already possess.”

Key Scriptures: Colossians 1:9-14

The formula for the Christian life

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