Susie welcomes pastor and Bible commentator Warren Wiersbe to the show to talk about his book, 50 People Every Christian Should Know.

Warren explains that he wrote the book to encourage believers and give them examples to look up to. He knows in his life that when he reads biographies it reminds him of important truths.

God is great.
Heroes of the faith had flaws and mistakes but God still used them for great things. God in his grace has been gracious enough to use them and to use you and me.

God blesses people we disagree with.
Some of the individuals included in the biographies would have disagreed with each other theologically, but God used them all.

We should refuse to participate in division in the church.
George Whitfield and John Wesley did not agree and could have had conflict. However, these men of God stayed out of each others’ way intentionally to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Fellowship is not built on a doctrinal statement.
If we each love Jesus we ought to be able to love each other.

We must take time to be holy.
Heroes in the Christian life took time to pray and spend time in the word of God.

Susie also talks with author and Bible teacher Jennie Allen about her book Anything. Jennie explained what she has seen in the lives of those who became a hero in the Christian faith.

They gave everything over to Christ.
Those who have done great things in the faith had a great dedication to Christ. Every area of their lives were voluntarily given to Christ.

They had an eternity-focused perspective.
Such a perspective doesn’t diminish this life. Rather it gives us great motivation and purpose as we look to the forever future.

“That forever with Jesus matters more than this life.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 16:11

Becoming a hero in the Christian Life