This is the first of a series studying Peter’s life and ministry.  Click here for the entire series.

Have you ever thought to yourself—or said out loud, “I can’t really serve God very well—I’m not one of those spiritual giants like you find in the Bible.  You know, people like Abraham or Moses or David or Peter or Paul.”

Or, maybe you’ve failed God in some way, committing a sin you think is almost unforgivable, hence you’re unqualified to serve God. I’ve got great news for you — God loves you and can use you, even in a big way, regardless of what background you came from.   Sometimes we think of Bible characters as more or less angelic beings who are hard to relate to and unapproachable.

But do you think you could relate to and learn from someone who too frequently spoke before he thought?

Jumped to conclusions without having all the facts? Wanted special accolades?

Faced times of courage then times of doubt?

Sometimes had incredible insights?

Even denied he was a follower of Jesus? Someone who failed a lot but also saw some successes?

Grew spiritually, but much more slowly than he would have like?  But gradually grew to a position of leadership in God’s church?

I know I feel more comfortable with a person like that because he’s a lot like me.  I want to introduce you to a man called Peter, one of Jesus’ earliest and closest followers. Like what happened with many of Jesus’ followers, Peter was changed radically—yet fairly gradually—as he lived and walked with Jesus.  And Peter when on to lead the early church and helped formulate the teaching and practices that we still follow today.

So, there’s hope for you—and me.

Join us as we look at how Jesus can change you, just like He changed Peter!

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