Some Christians effortlessly spend hours in contemplative prayer. Just being around them makes you wish you were that way, but we aren’t all designed to be.

Susie Larson and Gary Thomas strip away the frustration of a one-size-fits-all spirituality and guide you toward a path of worship that frees you to be you.

Gary is a international speaker and the author of several books including Sacred Pathways, a book which explains the different ways God has wired us to experience spirituality and how to live in community with our differences.

“How we build lives of adoration, how we have our lives trained to take Scripture in, how we spend time actually praying to God, those can differ. But, in a healthy Christian soul, we are regularly pursuing those activities where our hearts are given up to God, where our minds our given up to God, our souls are given up to God and our strength is used to serve God.”

In this podcast they discuss the common tendency among Christians to emphasize the spiritual discipline that is most comfortable for them over  other disciplines.

Serving others, times of prayer, times of study and more are valuable. However, sometimes one of those activities can monopolize our spirituality.

They discuss embracing the fact God made us the way we are. By worshiping him in the path of spirituality we lean towards, we celebrate his creativity in creation and often become on fire with excitement.

“The reality is when we really connect with God we get so excited about it, we want everybody to do it.”

Excitement is welcome, but Gary warns about using our own spiritual bent as a platform for us to judge how other people commune with God.

Gary and Susie also discuss the role of introversion and extroversion in ministry and hear from listeners about what path they connect with God through.

Key Scriptures: Mark 12:301 Corinthians 12:4

Sacred pathways