Julie Woodley has experienced brokenness and pain through her life — some by her own choice, some by the abuse of others.

She understands those who have endured abuse and trauma and directs Restoring the Heart Ministries — offering freedom and hope to those affected by abortion or abuse.

Julie talks with Neil about weathering the storms of life and dealing with trauma. She defines trauma as the moments in where it feels like life falls apart.  She discusses the difficulties of knowing where to turn in life when the people who should be protecting us are the ones causing the pain and trauma. For Julie, stepping out from those situations and the aftereffects involved coming under the ministry of strong Christians.

She shares how important Christians in her life told her and showed her that she was loved beyond her traumatic story and that God had an incredible plan for her life.

“I think those of us that have been traumatized, maybe verbally, physically, emotionally, sexually, we just concentrate on the lies. I remember some of the lies I was told: ‘You’re stupid,’ ‘You’re ugly,’ ‘You’ll never amount to anything.’ And, I believed that until someone loved me enough to come in and began to tell me the truth of what God saw. That’s when I could see more than those lies.”

She explains how hearing God’s truth from others prompted her to look directly to God for truth about herself.

Reaching out for help is key for those who have experienced trauma and hurt according to Julie because of how God designs us to live in community. She encourages individuals in positions of hurt or pain to reach out to the Holy Spirit for comfort and encouragement but also to reach out for therapy and counseling.

Restoring the heart

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