This is part of a series studying Peter’s life and ministry.  Click here for the entire series.

While most of the events in Jesus’ ministry took place in Galilee, Jesus now moves to Jerusalem where the final acts of His ministry will be performed.  Peter appears briefly in two incidents.

The day after Jesus entered Jerusalem accompanied by the shouts of praise for the coming kingdom of David (Mark 11:1-10), Jesus saw a fig tree in full leaf yet without the expected fruit.  He cursed the unfruitful tree and walked on (Mark 12-14).  The next morning when they walked by the tree again, Peter remarked it had withered from the roots upward (Mark 20-21).  Jesus used this experience to teach the power of faith when exercised by His followers in prayer (Mark 22-24).  Jesus tacked on a brief lesson about the importance of forgiving others (Mark  25-26).

Peter was a very inquisitive person.  Rather than getting annoyed with his constant questions and comments, Jesus used them as springboards to teach His followers.

Shortly after that, Jesus asked Peter and John to go prepare a Passover meal for Him and His followers (Luke 22:7-13).  Peter and John followed Jesus detailed instructions, arranging the tables and preparing the food according to ancient tradition.  Both men demonstrated their willingness to not only lead the rest of the Christ-followers but also to serve them.

Is there some area in your life where you really need to trust God but are struggling to do so?  Would you ask Jesus to give you the kind of faith He taught about here?

Think of one way you can, like Peter and John, serve a friend or family in a practical way today.

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