Susie welcomes Beth and Jay Loecken to talk about their book

Before digging into Jay and Beth’s story they talk about the importance of pursuing God if individuals want to have effective and strong ministry.

“You think about Jesus, he was obsessed with his Father. It’s always his Father, his Father, his Father. How much more do we need to be obsessed with him?”

Jay describes the upper middle-class life he and Beth lived before hearing God’s call to something way different. His dream in college was to make six-figures and he did that and more. He and Beth spent that money on themselves, they bought a dream house, new cars and more.

The problem: it was an empty life.

“I turned 40 and I though there’s got to be more to life than this, more than just stuff.”

Beth shared that they had got to the point where they didn’t need to ask God about big purchases. They had enough money where they could just buy what they wanted to. This mindset, however, was problematic.

“Life was just comfortable, and I found that with my personality (and maybe we’re all this way) I found if I don’t have something I’m trusting God for I sit back and I get very comfortable.”

This life took God out of the picture in their lives. They became less in touch with their need for him as financial needs became moot.

Jay and Beth took a trip to Africa, and that was a point of change. Seeing and communicating with people in poverty gave them a new perspective.

They  talk about the incredible joy they saw in those they met in Africa, how they dramatically changed their life, hit the road in and RV and more in the rest of their chat with Susie.

Key Scriptures: Colossians 1:27,Romans 12:12 Corinthians 9:12-15

Passion to action