Well-known theologian and bible scholar Dr. Wayne Grudem provides a biblical framework for marriage and reviews the role of marriage in society considering the current same-sex marriage controversy.  His latest book is   .

Before delving into the specific issue of same-sex marriage they talk about some of the assumptions behind Christian involvement in politics.

Dr. Grudem argues in his book that Christians have a biblical responsibility to influence government for good. He explains some of the wrong views of Christians about involvement in the political arena.

One wrong view is that government should compel religion.

He shares that the second wrong view is excluding religion from government. He explains that actions to completely remove religion from the public circle do not align with the intent of the Constitution.

The third faulty view is that government is evil and demonic.

The fourth wrong view is that the church should do evangelism not politics. Dr. Grudem looks to Paul as an example of someone applying the scriptures to all areas of life, including politics.

The final wrong view is that the church should do politics not evangelism.

In contrast to these views Dr. Grudem promotes significant Christian influence on government. One area that he sees it important for Christians influence is the same-sex marriage debate.

The talk about a moral argument on the controversy of same-sex marriage.

Dr. Grudem explains that many arguments that should be used by Christians. However, what the Bible says is certainly among them.

“God’s word has great power, and it’s unlike any book in the world. I think we should not back away from saying  ‘This is what the Bible says.'”

He also highlights the value of arguments from history and arguments from the beneficial effects to society of traditional marriage.

Dr. Grudem and Neil address the charge that morality is evolving and more in their discussion.

Key Scriptures: Acts 20:27

Marriage and Politics

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