We all want to be victorious over sin and fear, but sometimes we look back and have a hard time seeing beyond the familiar ruts of sin.

The same sin and the same fear comes to besiege us again and again. It seems like we just can’t get free.

Susie and fellow author Joanna Weaver discuss how to embrace the truth that Jesus loves you apart from anything you accomplish. Joanna explains that  she often sees women falling into the same old ruts of thought and bad habits. It’s a common experience as we struggle against our sinful selves.

“If we could just have eyes to see those things that keep tripping us.”

Fear and sin can weigh us down, but so can good things that we assign disproportionate value to. It is important that we examine our priorities and make sure we aren’t taking our eyes off Jesus and looking to something or someone else.

We also need to be attentive to the ways the Holy Spirit may be bringing sins or weights of fear to our attention. Joanna lists things to watch for:

  • Repeated themes – We don’t always know when God’s trying to speak to us. But, if we don’t get it the first time, it will keep coming up.
  • Confirmations – Scripture passages, other believers or small events in our days can reaffirm something we sense God putting on our hearts.
  • Checks – If we are on a certain course of action and feel doubt or uncertainty, we should listen to see if God is telling us not to follow that course.

She admits that it can be difficult to discern God when we are simply looking for him to speak in ways we’re comfortable with.

“So many times we’re looking for the tangible and God’s wanting to work in the spiritual realm.”

Joanna’s book is Lazarus Awakening

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 12:1-2John 11:1-44

Lazarus, come forth

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